Life-changing training that help you build a business around your life, not a life around your business. Learn from an entrepreneur who is still applying his own principles to build/scale his businesses!

Leveling Up Your Life Master Course

Leveling Up Your Life the master course is the baseline and staple piece for Ken Brokaw's proven system as an entrepreneur.

Join an elite group of entrepreneurs who focus FIRST on the life they want to achieve and then start to build your business around that lifestyle. We focus on mastering your schedule, health, peace of mind and art of delegation as a business owner.

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The Noise Reduction System

This program is best for CEO and COO's or what we call First-in-Command (FIC) and Second-in-Command (SIC)

Owning a business can come with, and create, a lot of “noise”. The Noise Reduction Program has been developed to help business owners, (FIC) and their key partner (SIC), translate simple concepts that help each other become more successful and focus on what they do best.

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The CEO Accelerator Program

The CEO Accelerator Program is all about getting maximum clarity, laser focused and developing the perfect plan to ensure you are building a business that matches your values.

Often times as business owners we run at full speed and don't stop to think about how we are positioning ourselves as the owner. We think we can do it all. This course will teach you how to take charge in the areas you excel in as CEO and delegate the rest.

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Check out our free webinar that will go over basic principles that Ken has used to scale his business and build a life of freedom and peace of mind!


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